Thursday, August 28, 2008


Bonjour! Bethie and I had an excellent 3 days in Paris recently. Beth had found a great deal with Eurostar through Anderson Tours. We definately have to go back, plenty to see and see again.

Paris is such a great city, I didn't really have expectations but I was very impressed. It was fun to try a little French (i emphasise little!) and that is really all it takes to get some smiles and help when you need it. So long as you make an effort, the Parisians are very friendly.

Espoir vous appréciez notre entrée de blog de ma destination européenne préférée jusqu'ici :)

I took too many photos, so a few for you here but more images can be seen on my flickr account.

The Sacred Heart

A Metro train/tube station

From atop Montparnasse, a 360 view of Paris. It's the highest building in the city and the view was staggering.

Our first close look at the Eieffel Tower.

Bethie on the phone to Don and Carol.

One of the many 'metre's' spread throughout Paris. Metric measurement we're reliably informed, began in Paris. A metal rod is the original 'metre' and replica measurements are marked around the city.

Our guide Garry was very informative and entertaining throughout our walk and the whole weekend.

Notre Dame

Bethie in the Louvre with a very, very old puss cat!

Here's some of my favourite pieces of art. On a return visit, I would spend a lot more time looking over the paintings. I'd love to have this displayed in my home.

She's pretty small, barely over a foot high! Also behind 4 inches of glass, reflections from every angle :(

Viva La Vida! This is quite large in the Louvre. When Coldplay's new album came out, I originally thought the dead chap in the bottom right was an add-in of Chris Martin!

The roof features in the Louvre are worth a day's visit alone! Just amazing detail.

Venus De Milo

Bethie with a funny face and the Louvre's glass pyramid. The Louvre is simply too big for one day's visit. Looking forward to going back for a more considered walk, there were far too many people that day.

The Eiffel Tower

B1 and B2 under the Eiffel

A view from Esplanade de la Defense (the tube stop near our digs)

Gourmet at it's best!

Chateau de Plonk! Not bad at 6 euros ;)

Arc de Triomphe

Paris National Flag

Remember, more images can be seen on my flickr account.

Paris...can't wait to go back :)

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Brett said...

Hey, I am pleased you had a good time. As you know, we have been a few times and got engaged in Monet's garden (by the waterlilly pond) at Giverny outside Paris, so it holds special memories for us. If you go again, let me know in advance and I'll recommend a couple of places to have an authentic lunch.