Thursday, November 5, 2009

Antioch, California

We're very lucky to have had a week long stay with Beth's family in Antioch, California. They have a beautiful home with a stunning view of rolling hills. We felt home already, thanks to the scenery but mostly thanks to our fabulous hosts :)

We were treated to a limo tour of the Napa Valley:

The Darlington clan! Rob, Nicole, Dan, Beth, Glenn, Judith, Cami and Grae:

Nicole and Dan:


Uncle and Niece:

Glenn, Judith and Grae:

The gang and the limo:



Beth and Adrienne:

Sister and brother:

The fam:

A wonderful view:

Thanks to the Dalrington's of Antioch, for a wonderful week of relaxing, fun and great food and drink. Wish the you were just a drive away but I'm sure we'll be back regardless :) Try flickr for more photos.


The centre of America's entertainment, Hollywood California.

Just a few shots from our stay here, we also made it to Santa Monica but those photos will have to wait. More space in LA, still crazy though.

La Brea avenue:

Hollywood Blvd:

We stayed right near the Walk Of Fame:

The Chinese Theatre is awesome! Heaps of greetings from stars of old:

Couldn't resist:

New York, New York

New York is easily as good as anywhere I've ever been :) We had a ball wandering around Manhattan, visiting all the iconic sights in somewhat cooler weather than we'd left in London.

Wall Street:

Bethie with some NY cops:

Ben outside "Monk's Cafe" ala Seinfeld:

Grand Central Station:


Union Square:

Brooklyn from the Hudson River:

Manhattan Island from the Hudson River:

France's gift to the US:


Central Park:

Upper west side from Central Park:

Times Square:

Ben on Bleecker Street:

Can't wait to visit NY again, hopefully for longer next time. Some more photos on flickr.