Thursday, November 5, 2009

Antioch, California

We're very lucky to have had a week long stay with Beth's family in Antioch, California. They have a beautiful home with a stunning view of rolling hills. We felt home already, thanks to the scenery but mostly thanks to our fabulous hosts :)

We were treated to a limo tour of the Napa Valley:

The Darlington clan! Rob, Nicole, Dan, Beth, Glenn, Judith, Cami and Grae:

Nicole and Dan:


Uncle and Niece:

Glenn, Judith and Grae:

The gang and the limo:



Beth and Adrienne:

Sister and brother:

The fam:

A wonderful view:

Thanks to the Dalrington's of Antioch, for a wonderful week of relaxing, fun and great food and drink. Wish the you were just a drive away but I'm sure we'll be back regardless :) Try flickr for more photos.


The centre of America's entertainment, Hollywood California.

Just a few shots from our stay here, we also made it to Santa Monica but those photos will have to wait. More space in LA, still crazy though.

La Brea avenue:

Hollywood Blvd:

We stayed right near the Walk Of Fame:

The Chinese Theatre is awesome! Heaps of greetings from stars of old:

Couldn't resist:

New York, New York

New York is easily as good as anywhere I've ever been :) We had a ball wandering around Manhattan, visiting all the iconic sights in somewhat cooler weather than we'd left in London.

Wall Street:

Bethie with some NY cops:

Ben outside "Monk's Cafe" ala Seinfeld:

Grand Central Station:


Union Square:

Brooklyn from the Hudson River:

Manhattan Island from the Hudson River:

France's gift to the US:


Central Park:

Upper west side from Central Park:

Times Square:

Ben on Bleecker Street:

Can't wait to visit NY again, hopefully for longer next time. Some more photos on flickr.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goodbye, Great Britain.

The time has come, to depart the old dart and make for home, well our first home at least.

Very mixed feelings on leaving, but here are some last days images of us in London.

Me and Mark Finch on the NFL set, Studio 6 at Sky Sports:

Me mixing in Studio 7:

Oi oi! What's this??

It's Ben crossing the most photographed pedestrian crossing in the world! Abbey Road, Westminster, London, NW8. Too much traffic for the right perspective but thanks to Bethie for snapping me here :)

Lion in Trafalgar Square, Big Ben in the background:

Bethie in Trafalgar Square:

Bethie in a very stinky red phone box:

We were very pleased to meet up with these folks, Glenn and Judith were in town from Perth, we enjoyed a great tapas dinner. See you in California soon guys!

Our last tube ride home from the city on the Piccadilly :

So farewell to old London town, thanks for the lessons from the hard times but also the fun, the old pubs and countryside, even lack of sun. The snow and cold, we've grown so much but not yet too old, we'll be back someday and no doubt will say, "Alright?"

Next chapter, New Yawk!!!!!!