Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Xmas 2008

Hope everyone had a happy and relaxing Xmas. Here's a few snaps of the festive season over here:

-3degC when I took these this morning!

Bethie and Santa Ted :)


Ahh Xmas, time to veg with bev's in front of telly!

Very proper boys.


Chef Jane.

Xmas dinner and also for Tom's 27th birthday, young bugger.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Midlands and Peak District December 2008

Our first UK road trip! Was great to be behind the wheel again. We had a night in Middleton Hall where Beth got to meet her ghost hunting hero, David Wells of Most Haunted fame. We both took part in a seance which brought mixed results but Beth's soothing radio announcer voice was popular amongst the half-passed.

Do something!

Hehe, Penis.

Mmmmm, laaaaaamb.

We were local!! We made it to Hadfield, location for many scenes in the brilliant comedy The League Of Gentlemen.

Check out this flickr page for more photos.

South Wales November 2008

Bethie and I took a weekend bus trip to the South of Wales. The weather was pretty ordinary so no stops for photos but a few stops nonetheless. The horse riding (The Black Mountains) was cold and uncomfortable but enjoyable. Cardiff Castle was excellent, right near Millenium Stadium and Chepstow Castle was also a treat.


Great trousers!

We all know how Bethie is somewhat bereft of height, but how tiny is that door!!

Some old plonkers.

Cardiff Castle.

Chepstow Castle.

Some medieval re-enactment.

Lisboa October 2008

A well overdue blog entry. A while back we had a trip to Lisbon with some fellow traveling types, Jo and Jason from NZ. Having had our car service break down on the M1 our way to Luton at 4am and then to have UN-easyjet lose our luggage, would suggest a not-so-good time lay ahead. However, we both got on with it and had a great time in a great city.

From the castle in Old Lisbon.


We spent a great day on the sand in the sun in Cascais.

The Hard Rock Cafe.

Drinking a local aperitif.

Checkout this flickr page for more photos.