Tuesday, February 17, 2009

London Photographers Protest

Today with Steve (*isteve) I attended the protest against the UK Government's introduction of a law which is unjust, power abusive and frankly paranoia inducing. The National Union of Journalists organised the event for professional press photographers and hobbyists alike to show our opposition to (as of today, February 16th 2009) being able to be stopped and questioned by Police, simply for taking photographs in public under the supposed risk that we are terrorists, without *ANY* grounds for suspicion.

I must say, it was very scary. If a Police officer can stop 1 photographer because they're seen as a threat, imagine how I scared I felt that the 150 photographers who turned out, could all have been terrorists!

It was a peaceful protest, many media outlets being represented and more DSLR's (and some film cameras :) snapping away than you've ever heard or seen before!

A few images below, more can be seen here:


Monday, February 2, 2009

Snowy London

London and the UK had the biggest snow fall since 1991 today, halting almost all transport in and out of the city. "Happy Snow Day" pronounced from many folks who weren't able to get to work or school. Snowmen made, snowball fights had and a bright blanket of joy spread across the streets and parks.

(You can see some video of us here and more photos here)

Our street at 1am.

What a great idea Denny!


This from our bedroom window around 0130.

And around 10am.