Monday, August 18, 2008

Isle Of Wight

A few weeks back Beth and I headed over to the Isle Of Wight for a day trip. It was a taster only to what one can see on this island, definately keen to go back for a few days with a car and explore some more. Great to see some hills and ocean!

It could have taken all day to get there had we left Southampton on one of these. Fortunately the ferry only took around 60 minutes.

Plenty of quaint cottages on the island.

The chairlift down to the beach was a highlight of the day. Quite a view and a cool way to travel.

The coloured sands are impressive.

Once off the chairlift we were able to check out the 'beach' and coloured sands.

Poor Bethie chose the painful option of removing her shoes to walk on the 'beach'. Suffice to say we got far not.

This boat is a 15 minute ride to the lighthouse that is on the point. Maybe next time.

We didn't walk the hill.....this time.

A view of the north port from the ferry.

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Shirlz said...

Cool photos. The chairlift looks fun!!