Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hever Castle

Apologies for yet another tardy blog entry. Bethie and I visited Hever Castle in Kent a while back. It's the castle home of Anne Boleyn and it was here that she lived while King Henry VIII courted her. The castle is much smaller than you would expect but some grand rooms are inside along with amazing artifacts. Some of the wood supports in King Henry's room for example are in staggeringly good condition. There's no way many modern buildings would survive five hundred plus years.

Some of the stairwells were incredibly narrow and small and the grounds were probably more impressive than the castle itself. Many greek sculptures can be found all over, marvelous gardens and greens. A really pleasant place to visit.

Hever Church is just at the entrance to the grounds of Hever Castle.

The King Henry VIII pub couldn't be missed, we enjoyed a quiet ale in the beer garden and rested our feet.

English ales are still hard to stomach but this one wasn't too bad...

The walk from Hever train station to Hever castle is about 1 1/2 miles. A very pleasant walk along a country lane, some nice properties along the way.

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