Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Engagement

On Thursday September 11, 2008, after 5 years to the day of being together, atop the London Eye, I proposed to Beth (and the silly girl said yes!).

The hostess had already offered us champagne (part of our ticket) and I was a little perturbed, as Beth's reaction was close to delivering my fears (she'd drop the glass in shock of the moment and the not-so-cheap-nor-lolly-machine-toy-like-ring that I eventually retrieved from the right pocket of my leather coat...turns out she didn't even remember me fumbling with the oversized box).

Anyhoo, shock and joy aside we enjoyed a meal out afterwards - I thought the lamb pot casserole was superb and I also thought Beth's rump steak was outstanding - as her nerves could not stomach it, I knocked it off. And the vino was just fine :)

So onto the pre-arranged photoshoot for Sunday (sneaky bugger I am) and a day in Newbury with Shirley Nicklin, the very talented photographer who has thrown this mere amateur a few wedding gigs this past year. I wanted to have some special photos of Beth and I for our history and also for the folks back home who would be otherwise smothering us with hugs, congrats and best wishes.

So thanks to all who have sent their wishes, we have felt them with all their intent. These photos are how we feel right now. Shirley, you did us and yourself proud, thank you so much :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

RIP Rick Wright 1943-2008

Today marks the sad passing of a founding member of Pink Floyd, Richard (Rick) Wright.

Rick met Nick Mason and Roger Waters at the Regent Street Polytechic College Of Architecture and went on to found The Pink Floyd Sound in 1965 with Syd Barrett.

Rick co-wrote Echoes, The Great Gig In The Sky, Us And Them and Shine On You Crazy Diamond. His layered synth, keyboard and piano parts were an original and essential part of Pink Floyd's sound. He also sang harmony with David Gilmour on Echoes, Breathe, Time and Us And Them.

In a way, Pink Floyd have died today. While ever the four members of the classic line-up were around, there was always a chance of another reunion gig. Sadly, no farewell Pink Floyd.