Tuesday, November 6, 2007

West Minster Abbey

Wow. What a place. Simply extraordinary. This comes from an aethiest mind you. I had no idea how much royal history was in the Abbey. So many Kings and Queens, buried, honoured. Servants and war leaders too. Just breathtaking, i'm sure i'll go again.

To be at the tomb of Queen Elizabeth, to walk on paths and be in rooms that people from almost 1000 years past sat. Chapter House was fascinating, a place where politicians and monks sat and discussed everything. The history of the building itself, all brilliant. Sadly no photography is allowed in the Abbey but i got a couple from outside.

Then my lunchtime drink was a Luscombe Ginger beer! An organic farm in Devon makes this stuff, small world eh? :)


Dad said...

You shouldn't be so surprised. The Luscombe name comes from England you know.

Marky Mark said...

That sounds interesting.
Loving that ginger beer. Any good?

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos so far. Glad you have found somewhere to stay.
Maureen and Garry

Ben Luscombe said...

Dad - I know but it was still a surprise.

Mark - Not bad, still think Bunderberg has honours.

Maureen and Garry - Glad you like the pics, thanks for looking :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you are having the 'wow' moments!
Love the images you have taken already... we want more!
Also, are you going to put up pictures of the place you're staying?
Sare & Dave

Ben Luscombe said...

Thanks Sarah and Davo. Glad you like it so far. Just uploaded some shots of our new place!