Thursday, November 1, 2007

Old London Town

Beth's friend Sheva, kindly met us at Heathrow and shouted us our first British beer.
On a 10 minute walk from our lodgings, i counted 5 pubs. And we're in a mediumly populated area, i believe there will be many more to find :)

It's great to be in England, finally. Everyone at home is dearly missed, particularly my parents. But in time i guess we just get used to these things. The air is chilly but the sky is clear, the sun is very low and the town we're in is just so quaint. Many, many photographic opportunites await, really looking forward to getting stuck into some shooting.

Sorry for too few postings, not a lot of time and limited net access. Hopefully we'll find a house to share soon and be back online.


GuyM said...

Bet that first beer tasted mighty fine.

Ben Luscombe said...

Guy - It wasn't bad. We were pretty weary but it was great to finally be there. A pretty typical English pub too, quiet and barely a pokie to be heard.