Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Europe Trip Images

17 days through The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France. Far too much to see properly in that time, but it was still a great trip. Weather was outstanding but for some drizzle in Amsterdam and at the Rhine Falls. Food up and down, Italy and France are certainly higher priced than elsewhere. We stayed in a Fawlty Towers, we saw amazing views atop a mountain in Lucerne and practiced a little local languages along the way. Many memories to recall for many years to come, can't wait to get back.

So I'm now getting stuck into the photos from our recent trip through western Europe. Starting with the ferry ride over to Calais from Dover:

Our first stay was in Amsterdam, first stop the pub where we had a beer with some muppets and a cat:

Wondering around Amsterdam, we came across this character:

And Bethie took some video of him that you can see here.

Bethie can't decide!:

Bikes aplenty as expected:

Check out my flickr pages for more Amsterdam images, there's too many to put all on the blog so I'll be including a link to flickr with each blog entry.

Stay tuned for Cologne and Rhineland, coming soon.


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