Monday, May 18, 2009


Greetings from Nice, France. We've not found cheap internet till now.

Briefly, Rome was packed, Colleseum great, Sistine Chapel a let down due to low light and idiots taking photos with flash and talking loudly, Venice was magical, must go back to just be there. Burano is wonderful and a seafood lunch had there, Capri busy but great views. Pompeii was surreal; didnt get to the ampitheatre but still good walk around the preserved ancient city with the Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii soundtrack on the iPod - thanks again G. Amazing place, a trip highlight for me.

Nice is pretty magical too - got our feet wet in the Mediterranean today, also met Jo and Jason who were here for the weekend. The village of St Paul is another trip highlight, the Rothschilds 1977 was only 490€...

Perfect weather most of the time, hotels up and down, food up and down but usually exxy. All too brief a trip but a good taster of what to do again when we come back, eventually. Italians can be very nice but can also scam with best of them. More on that later.

More detail when we get back to London along with the stupid number of photos ive taken.

Lyon tomorrow night then Paris for 2, then back to Ealing. Such is life.

Au revoir.

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