Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ben's Madras Curry

I thought I'd share my curry recipe.

I've been playing with curries since I got over here but only recently settling on a recipe and ingredients for my liking, though it is widely adaptable.

My favourite meat to use is lamb. Chicken is also pretty good and as a treat some fish, though I've not explored that often.

Basically, I find the attributes of a good curry to be soft meat, rich flavours in a slightly thick sauce, a perfect balance between vegetables and meat and a good amount of spice/heat that builds throughout the meal rather than blow your head off at the start and ruin your comfort levels of the next day.

So here we go:

To begin with, crack open your favourite beer. I like a lager with curries. Cobra Beer is nice, but any lager will probably do. (I usually like to, if I can, start cooking any meal with a drink of choice. I find cooking a relaxing and rewarding thing to do, so enjoying a drink along the way adds to that.) A few pappadums with some mango chutney are nice to munch on while you're at it too.

Ok, the curry. This generously serves 2 adults. Here's what you need:

400g diced lamb (marinade this in 2 tsp of Patak's curry paste in a bowl and leave covered in the fridge for an hour or for as long as you like. This really softens up the meat.)
2 Medium Onions
Olive oil
A further 2 tsp of Pataks curry paste for the sauce (the Madras paste is fine but I go 50/50 with that and the Extra Hot paste - up to you.)
Garam Masala
Tin of chopped tomatoes
200ml hot water
Snow peas/or regular peas
Greek style yoghurt
Fresh chillis

Chop the potatoes into cubes and half boil in a seperate pot to soften.

While the spuds are-a-boilin', lightly fry the onion and garlic in some oil or butter. Use very little oil as there's already some in the curry paste.

Add in the curry paste, up to you how much but I think 2 tsp is a goodly amount. Mix well.

Add in 1/3 tin of chopped tomatoes. Mix well and allow to simmer.

Check your spuds, don't want them mushy.

Add in around 200mls hot water. Start with a small amount and add more as necessary but keep in mind the veggies will release water themselves while cooking.

Mix in the raw marinaded meat, allowing it to broil in the mix. Bring to the boil for a few minutes then simmer.

Add in the half-boiled potatoes, halved mushrooms, long and thin sliced capsicum, peas etc.

Bring to the boil for 5 mins then simmer for a further 5 mins. Check back to see how much is covered by fluid, add more water if necessary. Continue to simmer for probably another 10-15 mins, checking back and stirring. In time the potatoes will help thicken the sauce.

You can probably eat it now, but if I have the time I like to let the curry brew a little, up to you. Adding some yoghurt will help thicken if need be. Otherwise it's great dolloped on top when serving.

Just before serving, mix in a few pinches of Garam Masala for fragrance, a few squeezes of lemon and your choice of chilli.

Serve on some basmati rice. A few pappadums are a good side and probably 2 beers to wash it down :)



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Don & Carol said...

Come along way since trying to mash uncooked potatoe ! Good on you.