Monday, December 24, 2007

A walk in the fog

The past two days, London has been pretty much under fog. Maybe 50m visibility, maybe less. Bethie and i took a short walk in our favourite park this afternoon, so i took a few photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben and Beth!

Merry Christmas! In the pictures I could see soooooo much fog!!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas ans I hope Santa was good!
Lots of Love

Ben Luscombe said...

Thankyou Genevieve!

I'm glad you had a look at the photos, the fog was AMAZING!!! We couldn't see very far at all.

Our Christmas was great thankyou and we were very happy we could talk to you and Nick on Skype. Hope we get to again soon :) Hope you have excellent school holidays!!


Tim D said...

Ben, this is one of my favourite images I've seen from the Pentax forum. Long time reader, don't post however. The natural colours, soft tone and detail are amazing.

Keep up the good work mate!